Harrington Park Police Department’s LEAD Program featured on NJ.Com

Police officers Michael Getto Jennifer Leeman Mayor Paul Hoelscher, Police Chief Albert Maalouf and Sgt. Rob Murphy gather for a photo at the LEAD barbecue at the Harrington Park Swim Club on June 13. (Photo: MarcLightdale/NorthJersey.com)

In Harrington Park, the LEAD Program, which has replaced the DARE program many remember of old, recently had its graduation celebration at the town’s Swim Club, and the event was featured on the website of the North Jersey [Newspapers] website.

We heard about the LEAD program in our Going Local conversation that we had on February 11, 2017. Officer Jennifer Leeman was one of the participants and she told us about the work she was doing with students at the Harrington Park School to help them deal with the stresses of growing up in our time including the availability of drugs and the problem of bullying.

We are so happy that the Harrington Park Police Department is getting public recognition for their work with the town’s kids. And thank you, Officer Leeman, for telling us the story of your experience. Hearing about it as part of our Going Local meeting enriched our conversation with the community.