Come and See!
John 1:46

A liturgy of Holy Communion especially designed to engage children, especially appropriate for children with special needs. The service is a lively combination of music, prayer, Bible stories, movement and Holy Communion. The essential message of God’s love is presented in a simplified, meaningful way that fosters inclusion and offers a Christian experience of love and acceptance.

  • Widest range of behaviors acceptable.
  • A 30-minute service. No need for sitting still and keeping quiet.
  • Holy Communion with grape juice and gluten-free bread
  • Parent(s)/aides/siblings/relatives attend with children
  • All participation voluntary, as each child wishes
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Fellowship after worship

I can’t count the number of churches where my son and I weren’t welcomed.” Parent, attending these services at St. Andrew’s since its inception in 2010.

For more information:
Phone (201) 768 – 0819
Email Paul Shackford