Our Youth

The Sunday School generally follows the public school calendar meeting regularly on Sunday at 10:00 AM. Children ages 4 to 14 are welcome. We first gather around the piano for our junior music program led by our very talented Youth Choir Director. The children are then broken into age appropriate groups for approximately 35 minutes of instruction by volunteer teachers and assistants.

Our current curriculum is lectionary based. Often the children are hearing the same lessons as their parents which can lead to further discussion at home. The Sunday School joins the parish during the Peace before Holy Communion.

Children’s services are held quarterly where the youth take active roles including serving as acolytes, readers, and ushers. The Youth Choir sings the anthem and often accompany parish hymns with rhythm instruments.

Our Adults

EFM Grads

All of us are on a journey to – and with – the Holy. At St. Andrew’s our journeys of discernment and discovery focus on God, the Episcopal Church, and ourselves and our community. We ask questions of God and of one another, and we listen and learn together. Some learning is through formal classes, led by clergy and laypeople. During Advent, Lent and other times, we seek God together.

Some learning happens through conversations about the Bible and other readings. Some peoplentake advantage or programs offered in the Diocese, such as Education for Ministry. There is something for everyone, and always something new to discover. Where is God working in your life? What would you like to ask God?

The Genesis Group meets at Presto’s Restaurant on the 1st and 3rd  Wednesdays to discuss scripture that the group has chosen to study in depth.  At the time of writing this post, we were discussing Paul’s letters.  Call the Parish Office  at (201) 768 – 0819 to find out more about us and when we will next meet.

Preparation for Confirmation

Confirmation 2014

In the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, young people can be confirmed as early as the eighth grade. Teens prepare through a series of lessons, discussions, a service project and a retreat with other youth from the Diocese. They learn that in the Episcopal tradition, the Church is something much bigger than any one congregation and that their beliefs are valued and their questions respected. See the Rector for additional information.