original image

The image, above, is a representation of the holy spirit from a fresco painted within the scalloped baptistry of a church dedicated to the Ascension of Christ. The church stands within a 13th century Serbian (Cyrillic) Monastery. The image is the  basis of the front page icon that greets the visitor to our website.  1


altered image as seen on the front page

The picture as is was not suitable for our needs, but the roughly textured circle with the dove seemed an appropriate complement to our subtitle “God’s Holy Spirit is alive in St. Andrew’s.”  Fortunately, the photo is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa3.0/deed.en) license.  The terms of this license allowed us to use and alter the picture so long as we gave attribution and allowed distribution under the same license – which we do, as the image is not locked or watermarked.  The web page where this information is available is: here.

The original digital photograph is huge, over 10 MB. Even after extracting the detail from the larger picture, it was still too large for our use.  When it was reduced, the dove was so small that it was no longer clear.  Another dove from a copyright free source was substituted for the damaged original.

image used on inside page headers

For the header on the inside pages, the detail was enlarged and the outer circle removed.



1 – This paragraph was aided by Google Translation of Serbian text.