We hold regular services throughout the year, but our schedule changes according to the time of the year.  Corresponding roughly to the Academic year, our regular schedule goes from September through June.  (Each year’s actual start date for the seasons will be announced.)  The regular season commences with Celebration Sunday (which includes lunch after the service) when we welcome people back from the summer.

Fall Through Spring

All God’s Children

1st and 3rd Sundays, 9 am

The Holy Eucharist

Every Sunday, 10:15 am

Healing Prayers offered
the 4th Sunday each month.

Occasionally, Morning Prayer
is offered in place of the Eucharist

Sunday School

Every Sunday, 10 am
(joins the church service in time for communion)


Summer Schedule

1st and 3rd Sundays, All God’s Children, 9am

All other Sundays, The Holy Eucharist, 9 am


In addition to our regular Sunday schedule, we offer other occasional  services as well as services for the major seasons of the church calendar:  Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter.  These schedules are announced through our News and Events pages.